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The Tabby Tijger ' instinct ' cat rod is a high quality rod on which you can attach the different prey.

-You can use this rod with the different Tabby Tijger toys.
-Toys can be easily slided over the hook of the rod.
-Good control during swing movements.
-The only cat rod with a 365-day warranty!
-At the top of the rod is a rotating swivel; this one has a tensile force of 77kg!
-At the bottom of the rod is a swagger cord and an Easy Snip lock; this ensures that the toy can change quickly and easily.
-The silicone case over the lock ensures that your cat's teeth do not come into contact with this metal.
-This silicone case also ensures that this metal does not touch the floor while playing (and therefore also ensures less noise when hitting your hard floors).
-Made of a very strong and wear-resistant material.
-The cap at the back of the rod ensures that the rod always remains intact.
-The wire will never tors during play, because of the rotating carabiner at the top of the rod.

Please note:
-You can order the toys separately!
-In the photo you can see the rod bent; this is done to get the rod well in the photo. The rod is a bit flexible, but comes in a straight position!

-The material (fiber) is very light and that provides flexibility and the transparent grip casing provides extra comfort while playing.
-Sturdy black braided polyamide cord, 2.1 mm thick, made of 16-head durable braided Nylon.

Plastic rod of 65 cm; this is the ideal size to play with a rod.
And the wire is also about 65 cm.

Tabby Tijger

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