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The NipNaps 'Catnip Fine' is a very finely ground mix.
You can use the Catnip Fine to scatter something on the scratching post, on or in your cat's favorite toys or just somewhere in the house.

- Because your cat will enjoy catnip, this is a great treat that can be used in a workout, or to encourage your cat to use a scratching post or sleep in her own bed.
-You can use catnip as a means to train your cat and keep her healthy, without her knowing.
- If only the best for your cats is good enough, NipNaps offers the most qualitative Catnip available today.
-It is also a good way to stimulate your cat to move, it can even help to relax your cat. Whatever the reason, it's fun!
-NipNaps catnip is all natural and organic, and is perfectly safe to take. In fact, in nature, wild cats sometimes eat a little catnip since this helps with digestion.
-NipNap 'catnip' is packed in a small dose in airtight jars, so that the smell is preserved and the catnip does not eventually mix with the smell of the plastic packaging as offered in most cases. In addition, the jars are easily lockable.
-Thanks to the airtight glass jars, the NipNaps herbs continue to smell much longer. If the jars are stored in a cool place (yes, even in the refrigerator), NipNaps can keep catnip even longer than 12 months.

Is too much catnip harmful to my cat?
Not technically. Most cats seem to feel when they've had enough. As with all things in life, too much of everything can be bad. In very rare cases, some cats may start coughing and a hairball may break out if they come into contact with too much catnip. If your cat has never had catnip before, we recommend that you slowly introduce it in small proportions. If you are not sure, you can always contact your veterinarian.

-This is a special mix of the best seed strains from the Northwest Pacific region in the United States and Canada.
-Catnip is a leftover herb from the mint family.
-The catnip was harvested during the peak of the season and carefully processed fresh to ensure good drying for ultimate potency.
-Then the herbs are sieved by hand which ensures that you do not find 'stems' or dried-out old brown-yellow catnip in the jars which is (unfortunately) often for sale in the shops.
-NipNaps tries to keep the herbs 99.9% pure so that your cat can enjoy them in a safe and above all healthy way.
-NipNaps herbs do not contain chemicals or sprays, and only dried chicken manure is used in season to increase biological activity in the soil.

The content of this jar is about 15 grams.

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